Welcome to Visby International Centre for Composers

a work and meeting place for composers


Composers coming in 2016

Eryck Abecassis – France
Alwar Almkvisth – Sweden
Matilda Andersson – Sweden
Antonello Arciuli – Italy
Svitlana Azarova – Ukraine
Girilal Baars – Sweden
Nicolas Benavides – USA
Anders Bergcrantz – Sweden
Anna-Lena Bergcrantz-Laurin – Sweden
David Bird – USA
Thomas Bjelkeborn – Sweden
Peter Bjuhr – Sweden
Diego Borrello – Belgium
Mark Bowden – UK
Bruce Cassidy – Canada
Kaj Duncan David – Denmark
Christofer Elgh – Sweden
Suzanne Farrin – USA
Nathan Felix – USA
Arne Forsén – Sweden
Luke Fraser – UK
Zurine Gerenabarrena F. – Spain
Zeynep Hatipoglu – Turkey
Eero Hämeenniemi – Finland
Hans Höglund – Sweden
Heera Kim – South Korea
Cecilia Klingspor – Sweden
Thelma Siriwan Lebert – Sweden
Bengt Lundin – Sweden
Filip Melo – Sweden
Pär Moberg – Sweden
Reza Mortazavi – Iran
Monica Muños – Spain
Marsel Nichan – Sweden
Jesper Nielsen – Sweden
Manos Panaylotakis – Greece
Michael Pelzel – Switzerland
Gabriel Peraza – Venezuela
Stefan Pöntinen – Sweden
Sacha Ratcliffe – Canada
Camilla Ringquist – Sweden
Elias Ringquist – Sweden
Anthony Ritchie – New Zeeland
Margrit Schenker – Switzerland
Agathe Simon – France
Vanessa Sorce-Lévesque – France
Ken Steen – USA
Lisa Stenberg – Sweden
Lisa Streich – Sweden
Geir Sundbø – Norway
Mirjam Tally – Sweden
Ben Thigpen – USA
Stefan Thorsson – Sweden
Roberto Toscano – Brazil
Simon Vincent – UK
Harri Wessman – Finland
Gordon Williamson – Canada
Laura Whittle – UK
Malin Wättring – Sweden
Georgy Zenkovskiy – Russia
Lars Åkerlund – Sweden

Studio Alpha

Notation rooms

Grand Piano room


Carlqvist Villa

Visby International Centre for Composers

VICC  is a work- and meeting place for composers from all around the world, regardless of genre.

VICC‘s mission is to offer composers a creative environment for composing in our premises.

VICC promotes contemporary music through  concerts, conferences, seminars and co-operation projects.

VICC is a member of ISCM as ISCM Gotland Section.


Statistics hitherto (April 2016)

  • 700 Composers in Residence
  • 1200 guests, visitors and others involved in VICC activities from almost 60 countries
  • 1000 pieces composed at the centre, sounding across the globe, engaging musicians, conductors, listeners, media…