Welcome to Visby International Centre for Composers

a work and meeting place for composers

Composers coming in 2019

Svitlana Azarova - The Netherlands
Luciano Azzigotti - Argentina
Catharina Backman - Sweden
Anders Bergcrantz - Sweden
Peter Bjuhr - Sweden
Gary Carpenter – UK
Agustín Castilla-Ávila – Austria
Andrea Clearfield - USA
Albert Dambeck - Germany
John Dunsö - Sweden
Sara Edin - Sweden
Lei Feng Johansson - Sweden
Anders Forsberg - Sweden
Arne Forsén - Sweden
Magnus Granberg - Sweden
Anthony Green - The Netherlands
Daryl Jamieson - Japan
Reine Jönsson - Sweden
Linnea Khalil – Sweden
Avril Kinsey – South Africa
Cecilia Klingspor – Sweden
Fernando Laub - Argentina
Anna-Lena Laurin - Sweden
Joungbum Lee - South Korea
Joonas Leppänen - Finland
Stephen Lias – USA
Edoardo Micheli - Germany
Marsel Nichan - Sweden
Mats Nyman - Sweden
Aldo Pinelli - Argentina
Jakub Rataj - Czech Republic
Sacha Ratcliffe - Canada
Camilla Ringquist - Sweden
Elias Ringquist - Sweden
Esther Schwarzrock - Germany
Eric Scott - USA
Assaf Shatil - Israel
Chatori Shimizu - USA
Martin Skafte - Sweden
Dawn Sontag – USA
Vanessa Sorce-Lévesque - Canada
Ken Steen - USA
Peter Stevens - France
Lisa Streich - Sweden
Mischa Tangian - Germany
Jorge Variego - USA
Simon Vincent – UK
Antti Virtaranta - Germany
Cristian Vogel - Denmark
Harri Wessman – Finland
Beth Wiemann - USA
Lars Åkerlund - Sweden
Camilla Åström - Sweden

Studio Alphα

Studio βeta

DBW Room

Notation Room 1

Notation Room 2


Carlqvist Villa

Visby International Centre for Composers

VICC  is a work- and meeting place for professional composers from all around the world, regardless of genre.
N.B. We do not accept students studying on basic level such as Bachelor.

VICC‘s mission is to offer composers a creative environment for composing in our premises.

VICC promotes contemporary music through  concerts, conferences, seminars and co-operation projects.

VICC is a member of ISCM as ISCM Gotland Section.

Statistics hitherto (January 2019)

  • 900 Composers in Residence
  • 1800 guests, visitors and others involved in VICC activities from almost 60 countries
  • 1400 pieces composed at the centre, sounding across the globe, engaging musicians, conductors, listeners, media…