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a work and meeting place for composers

Composers coming in 2020

Emma Augustsson - Sweden
Girilal Baars - Sweden
Sarah Bassingthwaighte – USA
Anders Bergcrantz – Sweden
Anna-Lena Bergcrantz-Laurin – Sweden
Mattia Clera – Italy
Sara Edin – Sweden
Asbjørn Elle – Denmark
Aurélie Ferrière – Sweden
Ciaran Frame – Australia
Jan-Peter de Graaff – The Netherlands
Stuart Greenbaum – Australia
Carita Holmström – Finland
Jack E Jacob – USA
Jørgensen Mads – Denmark
Cecilia Klingspor – Sweden
Antony Maubert – France
Michael McCornick – Canada
Giulia Monducci – Italy
Rieko Okuda – Japan
Sergey Onischenko – Ukraine
Damian O'Riain – Irland
Michael Pelzel – Switzerland
Paloma Peñarrubia Ruiz – Spain
Gabriel Peraza – Venezuela
Kala Pierson – USA
Christoph Punzmann – Austria
Patrik Remann – Sweden
Elias Ringquist – Sweden
Esther Schwarzrock – Sweden
Stefania Serra – Italy
Emily Lee Shanny – USA
Pete Stollery – Scotland
Lisa Streich – Sweden
Jessica Tse – China

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Studio βeta

DBW Room

Notation Room 1

Notation Room 2


Carlqvist Villa

Visby International Centre for Composers

VICC  is a work- and meeting place for professional composers from all around the world, regardless of genre.
N.B. We do not accept students studying on basic level such as Bachelor.

VICC‘s mission is to offer composers a creative environment for composing in our premises.

VICC promotes contemporary music through  concerts, conferences, seminars and co-operation projects.

VICC is a member of ISCM as ISCM Gotland Section.

Statistics hitherto (April 2020)

  • 1000 Composers in Residence
  • 2000 guests, visitors and others involved in VICC activities from almost 60 countries
  • 1600 pieces composed at the centre, sounding across the globe, engaging musicians, conductors, listeners, media…