Michael Blake
  • “It was a very productive period in a beautiful place.
I came with a plan to try and write a new large-scale
string quartet and completed it within three weeks.
There seemed to be an energy within the walls of this
charming historic building that released the creative
urge with almost no effort. It is a place to which one
  • immediately wants to return.”
Don Freund
  • “VICC has been a phenomenal 
experience –
  • great place to
 think, write, soak in 
  • and wonderful 
antique calm.
  • This has 
to be one of the loveliest spots
 on earth.”
Ugis Praulins
  • “You have created the oasis for wandering souls –
  • the composers, who come here to create, or –
  • for peace – from various parts of the world.
  • Inspiration from the town and the island(s)
  • is something simular to mental hospital,
  • with a hard treatment. It is really
  • The Centre for Composers.
  • Thanks for this wonderful time.”

Robert G. Patterson
  • “I came to the Centre for Composers
  • wondering if I was still a composer.
  • I leave with perhaps the best piece
  • I have ever written. Anyway, the piece
  • I am happiest with. My time on Gotland
  • has been the most unique experience
  • of my adult life. I hope to return one day,
  • and not too far in the future, either.
  • This Centre is a miracle.”


Luca Pavan
  • “I think that every composer 
  • of a place like this. Here
 you find all
  • it is needed for
composing: nice town,
  • the
 sea, beautiful views, nice 
  • all the necessary equipment 
to create wonderful music!”

Iraida Yusopova & Anastasia Braudo
  • “There are no words to express our
  • gratitude to you! We were happy every
  • moment here – in this unique place,
  • where ideal conditions for creation
  • are united with the blue sky, the bright sun
  • and the sweetest in the world sea.
  • We felt your love and care in everything,
  • even in the smallest things. And we shall
  • never forget it.” “We wish VICC to remain
  • always such Paradise on Earth as it has been now!”