ISCM/VICC Composers in Residency Program

VICC will annually provide to ISCM six places of
residency in its center, each of a maximum period
of one month. VICC will accept the six composers
as selected by the ISCM without going through its normal selection panel for such residency.
All National Sections and Associate members of the ISCM are eligible to nominate a maximum of one composer candidate per year to this project.
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VICC nominations to the ISCM World Music Days

2015 (Slovenia)
  • Tobias Broström – Violin Concerto
  • Henrik Denerin – Das ende eines Wintermärchen
  • Jens Hedman – Invisible Colours
  • Madeleine Isaksson – Terre de l’absence
  • Stefan Klaverdal – One of the seven angels
  • Johan Svensson – Diamond Dust
2014 (Wroclaw)
  • Benjamin Staern – Bells & Waves
  • Katarina Leyman – Swarm
  • Patric Simmerud – Transients, formants and gestures
  • Jesper Nordin – Residues
  • Catharina Palmér – Dona nobis pacem
  • Jim OʼLeary – Softly at night the stars are shining
2012 (Belgium)
  • Malin Bång – Turbid motion
  • Mattias Petterson – 3rd application
  • Catharina Palmér – Dona nobis pacem
  • Patric Simmerud – Requiem
  • Benjamin Staern – Jubilate
  • Farangis Nurulla – Juftpar
2011 (Croatia)
  • Patrik Simmerud: Hokahey
  • Lennart Westman: Under Construction
  • Katarina Leyman: Streams
  • Malin Bång: Slädspår
  • Anne Pajunen: To Whom It May Concern
  • Göran Gamstorp: Oidentifierad
2010 (Sydney)
  • Lars Åkerlund
  • Jonas Valfridsson
  • Ylva Nyberg-Bentancor
  • Jocke Sandgren
  • Lise-Lotte Norelius
  • Pär Lindgren
2009 (Sweden)
2008 (Lithuania)
  • Fredrik Ed, The falling veils, kammarensemble
  • Folke Rabe, So that this song will not die, orkester
  • Lars Åkerlund, 3M, EAM
  • Ivo Nilsson – Vätska, röst
  • Erik Bünger – Sitcom counterpoint, ljudperformance
  • Fredrik Fahlman – Nullo, multimedia
2007 (Hong Kong)
  • Madeleine Isaksson: Axis
  • Henrik Strindberg: Lågmälda Göranden
  • Per Mårtensson: Bassoon Concerto
  • Göran Gamstorp: Pulse IX
  • Ivo Nilsson: Apnea
  • Hanna Hartman: Att fälla grova träd är
    förknippat med risker
2006 (Germany)
  • Hanna Hartman: Att fälla träd är förknippat
    med risker
  • Paulina Sundin: Utresa
  • Kent Olofsson: Fascia
  • Åke Parmerud: Zeit aus Zeit –
    the Kontakte variations
  • Henrik Frisk: Drive
  • Dror Feiler: Un hombre pasa con un pan al hombro
2005 (Croatia)
  • Mikael Forsman: “Postulat om “
  • Fredrik Ed: Behind the vapid vow (orchestra)
  • Mats Larsson Gothe: Gothe Ricerco 1 per fagott solo
  • Karin Rehnqvist: Beginning for pianotrio
  • Jesper Nordin: “Double concerto
  • Örjan Sandred: Amanzule voices
2004 (Switzerland)
  • Per Mårtensson: Concerto for Flute
  • Arne Mellnäs: “Labyrinthos”
  • Rolf Enström: “Saxplock”
  • S Pat Simmerud: “Frameworks”
  • Britta Byström: “Strapats”
  • Madeleine Isaksson: “Rooms”
2003 (Slovenia)
  • Jonas Forssell: “In the Beginning”*, Concerto for Clarinet
  • Chrichan Larson: “Tre Campi” for Chamber Ensemble
  • Ylva Nyberg: “Like apples, truths”* for
    Soprano and Chamber Ensemble
  • Kent Olofsson: “Alinea I – III” for String Quartet,
    Tape and Computer
  • Fredrik Ed: “Wig” for String Trio
  • Sergei Dmitriev: “The snow of my childhood
    has thawed away” for Solo Marimba