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NB! Excepted periods July 1 - 31, December 20 – January 8
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1. A guest-room in Carlqvist Villa and access to a studio free of charge,Travel and living costs will be covered by the applicant.

2. Stay and work at the VICC at your own expense. In this case contact us for current prices.


3. For music that are composed in our studios, VICC would like a copy of the score and a recording of the piece when and if you have one, for our library.

4. The residency is personal and does not include accompanying persons Therefore, please answer the following:

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N.B If you have problems sending the form it's probably because of to big audio files. (the 50MB limit might be to big depending on several factors.) send us the basic form with a photo and CV, (if that's in a separate document) and mail us the mp3 audio files or a link to the files. We still need the form for our data base. Thanks
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