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a work and meeting place for composers

Composers coming in 2022

William Anderson - USA
Matilda Andersson - Sweden
Mira Aasma - Sweden
Girilal Baars - Sweden
Sarah Bassingthwaighte - USA
Iris Bergcrantz - Sweden
Myriam Bleau - Canada
Agustin Castilla-Ávila - Spain
Mattia Clera - Italy
Margareta Ferek-Petric - Croatia
Arne Forsén - Sweden
Luke Fraser - UK
Stefan Frommelt - Liechtenstein
Pablo Galaz - Chile
Michael John Gallen - Ireland
Zuriñe F. Gerenabarrena - Spain
Frances Gill - UK
Fredrik Gran - Sweden
Mats Hedberg - Sweden
Marilyn Herman - UK
Carita Holmström - Finland
Yvette Jackson - USA
Mikael Karlsson - Sweden
Viktor Karlsson Ejwertz - Sweden
Cecilia Klingspor - Sweden
Chloe Knibbs - UK
Wen Liu - China
Nike Markelius - Sweden
Michael McCornick - Canada
Giulia Monducci - Italy
Dylan Neely - USA
Anders Nilsson - Sweden
Sergey Onischenko - Ukraine
Damian O'Riain - Ireland
Kevin Patton - USA
Paloma Peñarrubia Ruiz - Spain
Christoph Punzmann - Austria
Patrik Remann - Sweden
Camilla Ringquist - Sweden
Seth Aron Rozanoff - USA
Christina Rusnak - USA
Esther Schwarzrock - Germany
Laura Schwendinger - USA
Amanda Sedgwick - Sweden
Eva Sidén - Sweden
Thomas Simaku - UK
Susanne Skog - Sweden
Sophie Tassignon - Belgium
Benjamin Thigpen - France
Andreas Zurbriggen - Switzerland
Mark Winges - USA
Ursula Winterauer - Austria
Lars Åkerlund - Sweden

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Carlqvist Villa

Visby International Centre for Composers

VICC  is a work- and meeting place for professional composers from all around the world, regardless of genre.
N.B. We do not accept students studying on basic level such as Bachelor.

VICC‘s mission is to offer composers a creative environment for composing in our premises.

VICC promotes contemporary music through  concerts, conferences, seminars and co-operation projects.

VICC is a member of ISCM as ISCM Gotland Section.

Statistics hitherto (December 2020)

  • 1000 Composers in Residence
  • 2000 guests, visitors and others involved in VICC activities from almost 60 countries
  • 1600 pieces composed at the centre, sounding across the globe, engaging musicians, conductors, listeners, media…