In 1997, the Gotland School of Music Composition 
organized a week of composition called ”Young 
Composers in the Baltic Region” with a grant from 
Stiftelsen Framtidens kultur (the Foundation for 
Future Culture), to which the Societies of Composers in Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden sent two young representatives each.

One of the principal ideas behind the week was to 
discuss questions concerning composers, and to put the spotlight on new music and its future. Another aim of the week was to meet to discuss plans to establish an ”International Centre for Composers” on Gotland, a meeting-point for composers in the Baltic Region, similar to the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators, also in Visby.

A working committee was appointed, and in November 1999 Visby International Centre for Composers (Visby Internationella Tonsättarcentrum) was officially established by its associated members: 
the Society of Swedish Composers (FST), 
the County Administration of Gotland, 
the Municipality of Gotland and 
Gotland School of Music Composition/Folkuniversitetet.

1999-2000 With support from the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, the Foundation Culture of the Future, the Municipality of Gotland and the County 
Administration of Gotland, Ramon Anthin opens the office of the Centre for Composers, first envisioned in 1993.

2000 The first constituting Assembly 
of Representatives’ meeting held. Adoption of the VICC statutes.

2001 Inauguration of the Centre by Swedish Minister of Culture Ms. Marita Ulvskog during the Swedish EU Presidency’s Conference of “Conditions for Creative Artists in Europe”. Local hosts of the conference were the three international centres for artists in Visby: VICC, the Baltic Art Center and the Baltic Centre for Writers and Translators.

2001 First Guest Composer, Kent Olofsson, arrives.

2001 Inauguration of Studio Alpha.

2001 During the World Music Days in Yokohama, VICC becomes part of the ISCM as associate member.

2005 Martin Jonsson Tibblin, Sweden – CIR nr. 100

2007 Mikko Heiniö, Finland – CIR nr. 200

2009 World New Music Days in Visby, Växjö & Gothenburg

2009 Horatiu Iliescu, Romania – CIR nr. 300

2010 VICC becomes full member of ISCM as ISCM Gotland Section

2012 Roberto Toscano, Brazil – CIR nr. 400

2012 More than 8000 Guest nights in Carlqvist Villa

2012 Ramon Anthin, director & founder of VICC retires, new director, Sten Melin
2014 Linda Buckley, Ireland – CIR nr. 500

2018 Converted the Grand Piano Room to Studio Beta an EAM stereo studio combined with a Notation Room. This new studio can also be used for simpler recording sessions.

2021 VICC awarded NKR-prize 2021. (also here)