(a 3-channel/speaker sound-installation at S:t Olof church ruin, Visby, Sweden, 2015)

by Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Three loudspeakers installed in the ceiling inside the ruin of the church of S:t Olof transmit three different loops of sound-waves of different duration.

These three sounds represents the three eastern wise men – Gaspar, Balthasar and Melchior – that allegedly visited and honoured the baby infant Jesus in Bethlehem, and what they supposedly brought as gifts: the frankincense resin, myrrh and gold – all items of healing, wealth and longevity.

The small holes in the ruin where the speakers are installed used to be the holes where the ropes leading to the church bells used to run. Replacing the bells with the three drone sounds sonically replaces Christianity with Buddism, as the three drone sounds comes from from tibetan singing bells. It replaces violence with non-violence, hatred with love and lie with truth.

Three Magi is a sound piece that should inject piece and calm. It should propose the audience to slow down its pace and rest for a while – perhaps long enough to install a meditative mind.

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

b. 1956 in LinköpIng – lives in Stockholm

Solo exhibitions 2012-2015

La Otra Orilla / Graf Spee IV, Museo El Cabildo, Montevideo (URU) with Jan Håfström/J-P Fabra Guemberena

KREV Embassy, National Gallery, Sofia (BUL) KREV
Eternal Blessing, Institute for Contemporary Art, Philadelphia (USA)
Unvergessen (Graf Spee III), Wanås Art (S) with Jan Håfström and J-P Fabra Guemberena
freq_out 10, Marrakech biennale, Marrakech (MAR) freq_out
KREV Embassy, Kashba, Marrakech (MAR), KREV

I Am the Others, Lunds Konsthall, Lund (S)
KREV Embassy, Oslo Kunstförening, Oslo (N) KREV
freq_out 9, Stedelijk Museum(Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (NL) freq_out
Golden Days, TB A21 / Leon de Grieff Auditorium, Bogota, (COL) with T Nordanstad

Martin Bryder Gallery, Lund (S)
Galeria Mario Mazzoli, Berlin (I) with J Duncan
Recent Works, Gallery Niklas Belenius, Stockholm (S)
freq_out 8, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (S) freq_out

Concerts 2013-15

Lampo, Chicago (USA)
Museo El Cabildo, Montevideo (URU)
Cave 12, Geneva (CH)

Red Bull Music Academy, Södra Teatern, Stockholm (S)
Industrial Art Biennial, Rasa, (CRO)
Skan II, Botanical Garden, Riga (LT) with L Elggren
Southwest School of Art, San Antonio (TX/USA)
St David’s Episcopal Church, Austin (TX/USA)
ICA, Philadelphia (USA)
CTM, Berghain, Berlin (D)
Arts Birthday, Södra Teatern, Stockholm (S)

Hommage to Zbigniew Karkowski, Fylkingen, Stockhom (S) with Feiler, Åkerlund, Axelsson, Elggren ao.
Colour Out Of Space, Brighton (UK) w Michael Esposito
Avant Avantgarde, Berghain, Berlin (D)
Centremàtic, Teatre Mar i Terra, Palma de Mallorca (ES)
L’Audible festival, Instants Chavirés, Montreuil/Paris (F)
Swedenborg Chapel / Un-Event, Cambridge/Boston (USA)
ZKM, Karlsruhe (D)
Museum of History/Revolution/Sarajevo Biennial, Sarajevo (BH)

Discography 2010-15

(full length DVD, CD, LP, 10″ and 7″)

freq_out 1.2∞Skandion (Ash International, London), freq_out
(1), LP (MonoType, Warsaw) with Leslie Winer
untitled, 12″, Gomila Park (with M Rössell), (RasterNoton, Berlin/Chemnitz)

Get In!, 7” flexi (Geräuschmanufaktur, Osnabrück) with M Esposito
Dark 80ies, K7 (The Tapeworm, London/Berlin)
Fantom Auditory Operations, K7 (Geräuschmanufaktur, Osnabrück) with M Esposito

ENOUGH!!!, CD, (Monotone, Warsaw) with Jason Lescallet and Joachim Nordwall
Matter Transfer, LP, (iDeal, Stockholm)

Stream of Unconscious Vol 8, K7 (no label, USA) with Bryan Lewis Saunders / Lee Gamble
800 000 Seconds in Harar CD (Touch, London)

The Ghosts of Effingham, vax cylinder/download(Ash International/PARC, London) with Michael Esposito and Phantom Airwaves
Robert Piotrowicz/Carl Michael von Hausswolff 12″ (Bocian Records, Warsaw)
Descending the Silver River of the DFX, 12″ (Important, Boston) with Skull Defekts
Graf Spee 12″ (Presto, Milano) with J Håfström and J P Fabra

Organizations and Curatorial Work 2012-15

freq_out 1.2, Skandionklinken, Uppsala (S)
Terminartor/Parkfair, Vienna (A) co-curator
freq_out 10, Marrakech biennale, Marakech (MAR)

Mattergy, Interruptions #14, podcast, RW/MACBA Barcelona, (ES)
freq_out 9, Stedelijk Museum/Sonic Acts, Amsterdam (NL)

freq_out 8, Moderna Museet, Stockholm (S)