VICC comprises two buildings: the former Custom House – now called the Composers’ Hall – and, across the street,the Carlqvist Villa – formerly the Governor’s Caretaker’s Cottage – now rebuilt to a guest-house for visiting composers.

Both buildings are situated in the harbour of the medieval town of Visby, nearby the Baltic Art Center and the Gotland University College, with a magnificent view of the sea.

The three-storey Composers’ Hall houses two tenants,
VICC and the Gotland School of Music Composition 
(Gotlands Tonsättarskola), established 1995.

VICC‘s Electro-Acoustic Music Studio, Studio Alpha and Studio Beta ( a combined EAM stereo studio and Notation Room), are found on the ground floor. On the second floor you will find VICC‘s administration, two 
Notations Rooms (ordinary computer- & grand piano equipped), 
a kitchenette and a reading-room.
The Carlqvist Villa, the guest-house, has four private bedrooms (bed-linen and towels are supplied by the Centre), one common kitchen (intended for self-catering) and two bathrooms/ shower-rooms with washing possibilities (washing-machine, tumbler dryer).
We have 3 bikes () that you can use.